Clothes and Fashion

Clothes and Fashion

Clothes have become an important part of our life since the moment people started making them. I suppose fashion has always existed as a notion, but has never been so important as it is today. Nowadays we have an opportunity to think of luxury goods, whereas people in the past had to think how to survive. Of course, I don’t mean aristocracy and upper class.

In my opinion there exist three big groups of people: those, who prefer simple and comfortable clothes, those who are hooked on fashion, no matter how much something costs and if it is comfortable or not and those who want to have comfort and fashion together. Which group do you belong to? I don’t think there are people who are absolutely indifferent to what they wear. I belong to the first group. I choose casual clothes of darker colours. It is more practical for everyday use. I think jeans and a sweater or pullover are the best choice for cold seasons. In summer I usually wear T-shirts and sometimes shirts. There are no special requirements for the footwear.

I don’t like shopping for clothes and usually I buy a few things at once to save time in the future, and this works.

Nearly all my friends have the same views on clothes. But I know some posh people who care for stylish clothes. I think it is a waste of money when someone buys a jacket for 50 000 roubles just to put it on a few times and then leave it in the wardrobe. Sometimes they buy things which are not suitable for wearing at all, for example, shoes with extremely high heels. I am sure that it is better to invest some extra money in charity than just to pay for useless things. What is more interesting, there are people who can’t afford expensive clothes, but they still buy them. In this case there is a good saying: ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth’.

I have never had heaps of clothes in my life. I can’t say I don’t have enough space for keeping them, but I simply do not like to buy anything I do not really need. I don’t know much about fashion as I am not interested in it. I believe there are some criteria which help to choose suitable clothes, because sometimes we see people who are dressed up like clowns and that doesn’t necessarily mean they have bad clothes, they simply don’t suit them. So, when choosing a new thing one has to be careful and ask for somebody’s advice, if he or she isn’t sure.

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