Languages and their importance

Languages and their importance

Chekhov said: ‘You are the man as many times, as many languages you know’. Really, learning foreign languages contributes greatly to the development of the personality and makes people look at the surrounding world more widely. Let’s try to find reasons proving that learning a foreign language is vital:

1) You have already started learning English. It can be deduced from the fact that you are reading this book now. If you are learning English, then you need it for your own purposes at least, and it’s good. Go on and you’ll be a success.
2) Learning a language develops your memory and thinking. Our brain needs constant training as well as our muscles need constant physical activity.
3) Being able to speak a foreign language you have a wider range of possibilities to travel, to communicate with people abroad, to get acquainted with new cultural spheres etc.
4) It’s simply interesting to understand the origin of words in your own language. The more languages you know, the better you understand where a lot of words come from. You start to ‘feel’ their taste and meaning.
5) Why should you read books and watch films in translation? Let them be in the original. Complete understanding doesn’t come at once, but the more you watch and read, the sooner you’ll be able to speak this or that foreign language.
6) You listen to your favourite music, but you don’t understand the songs, do you?
7) If you know one foreign language, it’s easier to start learning another one.
8) Some people learn foreign languages to increase their ‘price’ on the labour-market. It shouldn’t be the first goal, though.
9) We now live in a constantly changing world providing us with new ways of communication. If you want to master your professional skills, to get new information then why not study foreign sources?
10) It’s fashionable to learn a foreign language. Naturally, it takes time to do it properly. But it’s rewarding. Let your friends, who don’t learn a foreign language, envy you. It’s a joke of course.
To recapitulate, we draw the following conclusion: to know at least one foreign language is absolutely necessary.

English seems to be the most popular in the world thanks to its relative simplicity. Chinese is popular too. But… it’s too difficult to learn. Don’t stop, keep on working at your English. You know quite a lot of grammatical material, but it’s important to use your skills so that you would be able to speak English fluently. And to speak English means to think in English…

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