‘Everything is good in its season’. We use this phrase in connection with anything, but education. Education, to be more precise, the level of education is a universal and eternal value. Striving for knowledge is an inalienable right and natural aspiration of a human being.
Education takes its origin in the discrepancy between your present and desired levels of knowledge. ‘I know that
I don’t know anything’, – said Socrates. If we imagine our personal knowledge as a circle, that encloses it, and what we don’t know is outside the circle, then the longer its perimeter is, the more its area is and the more we know. The more we know, the more we don’t know. So, if a person says he knows everything, his knowledge is a tiny circle, just a point. He knows little, and he doesn’t know little either. It’s a paradox.
Today it’s extremely important to be capable of learning. It means that you should be able to find necessary information yourself. No official education can educate a person. If you are a pupil, then a student, or a post-graduate, or you work in your professional sphere, you must know for sure what you need. Education that we get is meant to show us the way we should follow. People who believe that the course of lectures which is delivered at their university is enough, are mistaken.
The Internet is a great educational means. You get an access to invaluable sources of information of different kinds, in different languages. You may get acquainted with different points of view here.
Remember, cramming is the worst thing on your way to becoming a specialist. Our memory is insidious. So when learning, you should come to understand the matter and get the essence of what you learn. Some say, that education is what is left after you have forgotten what you were once taught. That’s it! In my opinion, it’s the best definition of education.
A real specialist is able to connect things within some professional sphere. Take medicine for example. It’s a rare case, when a doctor can consider some health problem in its interconnection with a number of factors. Usually it’s like this: you come to a doctor, and he examines you for the problems possible in some particular system he specializes in. Unfortunately it’s common practice nowadays.
Such an approach is misleading. Avoid it.

Material things and currencies may be devalued easily. Education is never devalued. Remember it and follow your own way.

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