Art and its meaning

Art and its meaning

Man does not live by caviar alone.
I. Shaw. Nightwalk

What makes a human being a human being? No doubt it’s our cultural needs. Here lies the major difference between a man and an animal. Animals don’t need art. Some monkeys, dolphins, elephants are capable of drawing, but it
isn’t art. It’s just their physical ability to use a brush or some other object for drawing.
Art has existed for ages. It has undergone a lot of changes. It has taken numerous forms, and what we call Art now is a wide notion including painting, music, architecture and many other branches.
Art lets a man express himself and his inner world in some material form. Music is an exception, but it may be seen as ‘partly material’. But the word ‘artist’ even contains ‘art’ in itself.
My favourite branch of art is painting. When you look at the pictures of ‘Old Masters’ you touch the reality of the past days. You come to understand the inner tune of the man who created this or that masterpiece.
There exists such a notion as ‘modern art’. I don’t think it to be real art, it may be called ‘imitation of art’ or what not. The humankind has been creating classical traditions, methods and approaches to Art for ages, starting with the time of cavemen, who painted life scenes on the stone walls. Today it’s possible, though, to take some scrap, put it together and call it an ‘installation’. There are people who like this. They say, at least, that they understand the author’s message. There are people who believe, that there are people who understand such ‘art’ and believe the latter.
Classical traditions had implied a long process of creation, until impressionism appeared. Artists started to paint in accordance with their transient mood. Brush strokes became fast; their precision was of no importance. The main purpose is to catch this ‘mood’ and implement it at once. Such pictures are really impressive. If you look at them closely you won’t understand them. But the farther you move back, the better you see the details.
Have you ever tried your hand at painting? I have. It’s really fascinating. It makes you feel in peace with yourself and the outer world. It lets tranquility enter your soul.
Having a hobby connected with art is really cool. You know that you always have to develop, to learn new things.

It’s important to take the first step, and then you should just go on…

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