At the Airport plus Customs — Dialogue

At the Airport plus Customs — Dialogue

Hello. Could I have a ticket for Flight 567?

Certainly. What class do you want?

Business class, please. Besides, I have overweight luggage. Where can have it registered?

The porter will take it to have it labeled. You can pay for it right over the corner.

What channel do I use? I have something to declare.

It’s red Channel 3. The loudspeaker will call your flight at the proper time.

As I know, the flight time is 15.40.

Ok, here’s your ticket. The total sum is 500 euro.


Well, I have to declare some things, these are two pieces of jewelry and a collection of oriental knives, they are packed and wrapped up.

Would you show them to me please? All right, it’s all allowed. But we’ll have to charge you 150 euro on these things.

Ok. Shall I open my bag?

Do, please. I hope you haven’t anything prohibited?

No, I don’t. No explosives, inflammable things, poisonous stuff and so on. Nothing like that.

Have your passport ready, please.

Here it is. By the way, where can I find the duty free-shop?

All right, it’s just over there; you can drop in at it.

Well thanks. Shall I show any other documents?

No, everything is all right. Have a safe flight. You can wait for the flight in the departure lounge.

Thank you very much. You’ve been most helpful

Обсуждение закрыто.