Generation Gap

Generation Gap

Generation gap has always been a problem since the moment the humankind appeared. Of course, it may not be equally important in all the families of the world, but very often the question of difference in views and tastes arises. It is quite possible that you have experienced it by yourself.

What does the generation gap depend on? Have you ever thought about it? I believe that the faster our life is, the more substantial the difference is. As for me I have never had any conflicts with my parents or grandparents because of this. When something goes wrong it is better not to contradict, because it will lead to a row. Besides I cannot be sure that when I have children I will have the same views with them. The best way to avoid the problem of generation gap in the family is to understand why who is older than you thinks this way and you think that way.

It is mostly connected with the fact that young people want to seem grown-ups and behave correspondingly. But they do not understand that their family wishes them only good. On the other hand senior people often do not understand that they sound too instructive and didactic when speaking to the younger generation. They usually begin the phrases with the words ‘When I was of you age…’ Really life at that time was different from what we have now. So if both parts achieve a consensus as soon as possible, it will be nice.

Besides, it is possible that when you grow up you will understand that some years before, when you had an argument with someone of your family, you were not so right as it seemed. In my opinion any kind of argument is just a waste of time, which is the root of the ‘generation gap’ problem.

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